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Saturday, August 27, 2016

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August 25
DOE Awards $1.25M to UMERC Researchers to Develop Safer, Better Batteries
The Department of Energy funds UMD research on safer, better lithium-ion battery technology as part of a $57 million investment to improve vehicle efficiency.
August 22
UMD Named a Top LGBTQ-Friendly University by Campus Pride
“Best of the Best” list highlights positive efforts UMD has made to promote diversity, inclusion and safety for LGBTQ students.
August 22
UMD Supports Young Entrepreneurs, Encourages Startup Growth in Greater College Park through Startup Village
Partnership offers affordable, local housing to students and alumni who are ambitiously pursuing university-affiliated companies.
August 18
National Endowment for the Humanities Grants UMD Libraries $250K to Digitize Historic Newspapers
The grant is one of 14 awarded through NEH’s National Digital Newspaper Program, which grants funds to make the nation's historic newspapers broadly and freely accessible.
August 16
Wood Windows are Cooler than Glass
UMD study shows natural microstructures in transparent wood are key to lighting and insulation advantages.
August 11
UMD Research Finds Maternal Death Rate Increasing in U.S.
The number of women who die during or soon after pregnancy is on the rise in the United States, while on the decline internationally, according to new research from the University of Maryland Population Research Center.
August 10
Clear Link Found between Warming Climate and Rise in Ocean-borne Bacterial Illnesses
UMD-led study shows correlation between warming of North Atlantic waters, increasing numbers of Vibrio bacteria in those waters, and rising numbers of people along coasts who have become infected by pathogenic Vibrio bacteria.
August 9
UMD Researchers Develop Tool to Counter Public Health IT Challenges
Zika brings issue to the forefront.
August 4
Newly Discovered 'Blue Whirl' Fire Tornado Burns Cleaner for Reduced Emissions
Findings could lead to cleaner oil spill cleanups.
August 4
New Quantum Computer Module Sets Stage for General-Purpose Quantum Computers
New finding represents a leap in the field of quantum computers according to experts, and already is drawing significant scientific attention.
August 1
UMD Names Dr. Keith Marzullo as Dean of College of Information Studies
Dr. Marzullo officially begins his position on August 1, 2016.
July 29
Partnership Between University of Maryland and U.S. Army Research Laboratory Harnesses the Power of Defense Supercomputing to Create Opportunities for Scientific Discovery
Strategic alliance offers accessible, enhanced HPC resources benefiting researchers, higher education and national security.
July 28
University of Maryland Agrees to Continue Efforts to Improve Experience for Fans Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing
In partnership with the National Association of the Deaf, UMD announces several measures designed to better accommodate Terps fans who are deaf or hard of hearing. 
July 26
UMD Team Discovers Insight into the 'Language' Animals Use to Keep Cells Identical
Biologists and computer scientists used machine translation software to yield new understanding with potential insights into some cancers and age-related diseases. 
July 25
A Revolving Door: Researching Recurring Violent Injuries among Urban Black Men
UMD-led research team identifies risk factors for repeat traumatic injuries in black men.