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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

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Latest News

December 1
UMD Model Offers New Perspective on How Pluto’s “Icy Heart” Came to Be
New UMD-led study suggests heart's location and Charon's existence led to heart's formation
November 28
UMD Researchers Crack the Code of a Deadly Virus
Discovery could help the fight against HIV, Zika and other viruses
November 28
UMD Biological Sciences Senior Aaron Solomon Named Marshall Scholar
The highly prestigious Marshall Scholarship will allow Solomon to pursue graduate study at any university in the United Kingdom.
November 22
UMD Receives $3M NSF Grant to Train Graduate Students in Network Biology
Grant will help life sciences grad students learn physical & computer science tools for transforming massive amounts of raw data into information for new biological insights.
November 21
Giant “Great Valley” Found on Mercury by Scientists from UMD and other Institutions
Mercury's massive valley makes the Grand Canyon look tiny
November 18
University of Maryland Continues Rise in Ranking for Innovation & Entrepreneurship Education
UMD earns a #9 ranking from Princeton Review & Entrepreneur Magazine, to place in their top ten for a second consecutive year.
November 17
UMD and other Leading Academic and Research Institutions Form Global Network to Accelerate Climate Action
Partnership seeks to better connect research institutions with decision-makers for effective climate action
November 16
UMD Meets Climate Action Goal of Reducing Greenhouse Gases by 25 Percent
Andrew Muir 301-405-7068
November 15
UMD-Led Study Links Extreme Heat to Increased Hay Fever in U.S. Adults
This study is the first to provide evidence of how increases in extreme heat events contribute to allergic diseases such as hay fever at a national level.
November 11
Plant Scientists Identify Gene to Combat Crippling Wheat Disease
Resistant gene could control rot in wheat & several other crops, scaling back $billions in losses
November 10
New UMD Program Recognizes Not All Agricultural Leaders Are Farmers
Program will teach“agricultural leadership and communication” to students passionate about agriculture, but who don’t want to be farmers.
November 8
How Ezekiel’s Wheel Helped Turn African Americans into Christians: Unique Evidence Discovered by UMD Archaeologists
Artifacts indicate how African and Christian religious beliefs may have blended in U.S. in 19th century
November 7
UMD Research Finds Timing, Party Control and Race Influence State Voter ID Laws
New findings show that enactment of new state voter ID laws are most likely when control of state government shifts from Democrats to Republicans in states with large minority populations.  
November 7
Terps Celebrate and Honor Veterans this Week
UMD's annual Veterans Day Service is one of a number of university events to honor and support Veterans during Veterans Week November 7-12
November 4
Researchers Discover Solar Heat Island Effect Caused by Large-Scale Solar Power Plants
Temperature rise has implications for local ecosystems and potential to impact human health and land-use planning