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Innovation @ UMD

November 20
New Informatics and Bioimaging Center Combines Resources, Expertise from UMD, UMB
A new center combining UMD's advanced computing resources with clinical data and biomedical expertise at UMB could soon revolutionize the efficiency and effectiveness of health care in the state of Maryland and beyond. The new Center for Health-related Informatics and Bioimaging joins computer scientists, life scientists, engineers, physicists, biostatisticians in College Park with imaging specialists, physicians and clinicians in Baltimore.  
November 17
MPower Collaborative Announces New Director of UM Ventures
James L. Hughes, MBA, chief enterprise and economic development officer and vice president at UMB, has been named director of UM Ventures, the ambitious joint research commercialization effort of the two universities and a central part of the collaborative MPowering the State. In his role as director, Hughes will help combine the commercialization and entrepreneurial efforts of these two powerhouse universities that together do more than one billion dollars a year in externally sponsored research.
November 7
UMD, Lockheed Martin Sign Master Research Agreement
UMD and Lockheed Martin have reached a major new milestone in their Strategic Partnership, enabling a streamlined process for initiating collaborative projects.
October 19
National Weather and Climate Prediction Center Opens at UMD
UMD is now the "eye" of the nation's weather and climate prediction.
October 18
New NIH Grant to Advance Joint UMD & UMB Brain Surgery Robot Development
A joint UMD-UMB team is developing a small robot to aid neurosurgeons in removing difficult-to-reach brain tumors. The National Institutes of health has awarded the team $2 million to continue development.
October 10
UMD Cupid's Cup Business Competition Opens to Student Entrepreneurs Nationwide
Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship expands its Cupid's Cup Business Competition nationwide.
September 27
UMD and UMB "MPower the State" with New Collaborative School of Public Health
It will give grad students at both institutions more opportunities in public health education, research, service, and training.
September 19
Massive Online Courses through Coursera Come to the University of Maryland
The University of Maryland plans to offer four popular courses free this spring via Coursera - the international platform that hosts "MOOCs," massive open online courses. UMD is joining the six-month old consortium, which until now has had 16 other American Association of Universities members and world class international institutions. Negotiations with Coursera began last July.
September 7
Innovative Theatre Collaboration Combines Two Cultures, Two Languages in One Performance
UMD crosses continents, oceans and 12 time zones with a groundbreaking, bi-lingual co-production of Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" - a collaboration with the National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts.
September 7
UMD's Future of Information Alliance Receives $1 Million
The Robert W. Deutsch Foundation has awarded $1 million to the Future of Information Alliance (FIA) at the University of Maryland.
September 7
UMD Ranks 4th For Aspiring Entrepreneurs
The University of Maryland ranks fourth in the nation for aspiring entrepreneurs. The new student-based ranking for 2013 comes from Unigo.com
July 29
Affordable, Wireless Warning Sensors Advancing
In the years since a fatal bridge collapse, technological advances make wireless warning systems affordable and practical, say UMD engineers.
July 12
UMD Researchers Create New Tech for Complex Micro Structures
UMD Chemist John Fourkas and his research group have developed new materials and nanofabrication techniques for building miniaturized versions of components needed for medical diagnostics, sensors and other applications.
June 28
UMD Leadership Helps State To #1 Innovation Ranking
The strong research and technology development programs at the University of Maryland are a key factor in the state's growing reputation.
June 21
UMD Student Team Rises to One of Last Great Aviation Challenges
As flight records fall to UMD student engineering team, their work continues. They are driven to conquer one of the last great aviation challenges: Sikorsky Human-Powered Helicopter Competition.