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Latest News

October 5
Tropical Frogs Found to Coexist with Deadly Fungus
UMD-led research team observes frog populations persisting in Panamanian forest, a decade after decimation by chytrid fungus.
UMD student at salad bar October 3
The University of Maryland Joins the Menus of Change University Research Collaborative
October 3
UMD Part of Multi-Institutional Team Awarded $14.4M to Develop Innovative Language Technologies
October 1
City of College Park to Celebrate 9th Annual College Park Day
October 1
UMD to Lead Milestone NSF High School Engineering Pilot Course
National course intended as precursor to widely-accepted transferable college-level credit. 
September 27
UMD Researchers Awarded $1 Million Grant from NSF to Develop New Methods to Generate Single Photons for Quantum Research
Project could enable new advanced quantum research and technology and could yield new ways to connect electronic circuits and photonic devices.
September 27
Helping Students Play to Their Strengths
UMD psychology researchers aim to help students at school and at home.
September 22
Statement on Mold Remediation - September 22, 2018
CRSPR Gene editing Artistic rendering by Ernesto del Aguila III NIH_NHGRI September 21
UMD Researcher Gets $1.1 Million NSF Grant to Perfect Gene Editing & Regulation Tools in Plants
 Scientist’s work advances plant genomics research and better crop production worldwide  
September 19
University of Maryland Expands Hate-Bias Response Program
Finding another Earth  Image credit: NASA/Ames/JPL-Caltech September 18
UMD Astronomer Co-authors National Report Calling for Space Telescope to ID and Study Earth-like Planets
UMD astronomer co-authored report that outlines a long-term strategy to  study distant planets that might harbor life.  
September 18
Echo Chambers Persist in Climate Politics, UMD Research Shows
September 17
Gone for Good? Classifying Drivers of Global Forest Loss
Geographical Sciences research attributes 27% of global forest loss to permanent land use change for commodity production.
headshot of krowe September 14
Maryland Alumnus Gives $1M to Support Innovative Business Teaching
Gift to expand Maryland Smith’s Office of Transformational Learning.
September 14
University of Maryland, Governor Hogan Announce Grant to Support the Development of a New Maryland Crime Research and Innovation Center
UMD awarded grant from Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention aimed at reducing violent crime, and improving lives of Maryland citizens.