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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

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Photo of Jennifer King Rice June 15
University of Maryland Names Jennifer King Rice as Dean of the College of Education
Photo of Mosquito June 14
Mosquito-killing Fungi Engineered with Spider and Scorpion Toxins Could Help Fight Malaria
Fungus specifically targets mosquitoes, is safe for humans and other insects.
Photo of Steven Edwards June 13
MFRI Director Steven Edwards to Retire from the University Of Maryland
After 25 years of service, MFRI Director Steven Edwards to retire on January 5, 2018.
Photo of A'Hearn June 13
NASA Honors Renowned UMD Comet Science Pioneer Michael A’Hearn
NASA posthumously awards Professor A'Hearn for his fundamental work on comets and small bodies of the solar system. 
June 13
UMD Awarded $6 Million NIH Grant for Structure-Based Design of a Hepatitis C Vaccine
UMD's IBBR to study the efficacy of immune responses in animal models of its HCV vaccine candidates. 
UMD Logo June 13
University of Maryland Bioengineers Develop New Technologies to Drive Next-Generation Therapies for Multiple Sclerosis
New research uses quantum dots (yellow) to track and control the display density of self-molecules mistakenly attacked during autoimmune diseases.
June 11
University of Maryland Joins Grand Coalition to Support Paris Agreement Climate Action
June 6
HUD Housing Assistance Linked to Improved Health Care Access
University of Maryland researchers examine the impact that access to affordable housing through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development assistance programs has on health. 
Photo of worm June 6
UMD-Led Research in Bloodless Worms Reveals How Organs Communicate their Status of Life-Giving Heme
Gravitational Waves June 5
Gravitational Waves Detected a Third Time
University of Maryland physicists contribute to identification of third gravitational wave event using data from Advanced LIGO detectors .
UMD Logo June 2
Trustees of the University of Maryland College Park Foundation June 2, 2017 Statement
UMD Logo June 1
Update: Actions to Shape a More Respectful and Inclusive Culture at UMD
UMD Logo May 31
Common Antioxidant Could Slow Symptoms of Aging in Human Skin
Methylene blue improved physical, biochemical and genetic aging markers in experiments with human skin cells and simulated skin tissues.
May 25
Annual Survey Finds Bee Loss Somewhat Reduced at 33 Percent
Honey bee loss still far too high UMD director of survey project says.
May 24
Amidst Mourning, UMD President Loh Announces Action Plan to Combat Hate and Create a Safer Campus