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Latest News

July 25
New International Study Identifies Causes of Multidecadal Climate Changes
UMD geologist contributes to analysis that suggests current climate models can accurately predict climate warming several decades into the future 
July 24
Scientists Identify New Genetic Interactions that May Impact Cancer Outcomes
UMD and NCI researchers find 2 distinct relationships between gene pairs in tumor cells that could potentially be targeted for cancer therapy
July 23
University of Maryland Working With Former Prince George’s County Executive Baker on Executive Leadership Initiative
Assembled NGLR 3/4 scale (75 mm) prototype. Credit Simone Dell'Agnello of INFN-LNF July 11
UMD Physicist for Apollo Experiment Gets Chance to Send Next Gen Version to Moon
NASA Selects UMD-Led Proposal to Upgrade Lunar Instruments Placed by Apollo Missions
July 8
2019 University of Maryland-Phillips Collection Fellowships Awarded
The University of Maryland Center for Art and Knowledge at The Phillips Collection announces the 2019–20 Postdoctoral Fellows: Dr. Marlaina Martin in Visual Culture and Dr. Alison Boyd in Modern and Contemporary Art History 
July 1
‘Oumuamua Interstellar Object Was Not an Alien Spacecraft
New analysis, co-led by UMD astronomer, suggests a natural origin for our first interstellar visitor 
June 28
University of Maryland, University System of Maryland, and Board of Regents Joint Statement on MSCHE Accreditation Decision-- June 28, 2019
June 27
University of Maryland, City of College Park to Host Fourth of July Celebration
Free event begins at 5 p.m. and includes concert and firework show 
June 19
Perfect Quantum Portal Emerges at Exotic Interface
A junction between an ordinary metal and a special kind of superconductor has provided the most robust platform yet for spotting quantum tunneling. 
June 19
U.S. Beekeepers Suffered Higher than Average Colony Loss Last Year, with Winter Losses the Highest Recorded, According to UMD-Led Annual Survey
June 17
University of Maryland Ranked No. 5 in the Country Among Best Colleges for LGBTQ+ Students
June 14
UMD Joins the Race to Create Universal Flu Vaccine, Supported by New $3.1 Million NIH Grant
June 7
Responding to Adenovirus and Mold at the University of Maryland
June 6
UMD Researcher Develops Digital Preschool Curriculum to Improve Early Childhood Learning
Developed by UMD researchers, former teachers, and graduate students, “Children Study Their World” is a collaboration with Maryland State Department of Education, Smithsonian
June 6
Glacial Sediments Greased the Gears of Plate Tectonics
New research highlights the connection between worldwide glaciations, sediments and plate tectonics