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Latest News

June 7
Responding to Adenovirus and Mold at the University of Maryland
June 6
UMD Researcher Develops Digital Preschool Curriculum to Improve Early Childhood Learning
Developed by UMD researchers, former teachers, and graduate students, “Children Study Their World” is a collaboration with Maryland State Department of Education, Smithsonian
June 6
Glacial Sediments Greased the Gears of Plate Tectonics
New research highlights the connection between worldwide glaciations, sediments and plate tectonics 
College Park Academy's first graduating high school class June 5
University of Maryland Partner, College Park Academy, Celebrates First Graduating High School Class
June 3
NOAA Awards $175 Million to UMD for Earth System Studies
New Cooperative Institute for Satellite Earth System Studies will expand UMD’s national leadership in this field 
May 30
Transgenic Fungus Rapidly Killed Malaria Mosquitoes in West African Study
Technology developed at the University of Maryland could safely reduce malaria mosquito populations, including insecticide-resistant strains 
Adriene Lim, Ph.D., Dean of University Libraries May 28
University of Maryland Names Adriene Lim Dean of University Libraries
  A calorimeters used in latest cold fusion work.  (Photo courtesy: C Berlinguette  et al/Nature) May 28
Scientists Revisit the Cold Case of Cold Fusion
Four academic laboratories partner with Google to explore how materials science can help make fusion more accessible 
May 24
University of Maryland Spring 2019 Commencement Speaker Commits $2.3M to Center for Global Sustainability
May 24
Latest UMD Wood Technology Could Make Homes Cooler and More Energy Efficient
 UMD-led, multi-university research team creates strong, sustainable solution for passive cooling
May 23
Maryland Athletics Announces Transition to Autonomous, Integrated Model for Student-Athlete Healthcare
May 22
UMD Ranked No. 1 Among State of Maryland Universities for Recycling Rate
The University of Maryland is No. 1 in the state of Maryland and No. 2 in the Big Ten Conference for recycling rate in 2018 
May 21
University of Maryland to Host Spring 2019 Commencement
May 16
UMD ‘Hyperdimensional’ AI Might Lead to Major League Improvements in Robotic Abilities
Work by UMD computer scientists offers a way to radically enhance the ability of AI to translate sensory input into robotic movement. 
May 13
The Moon is Quaking as it Shrinks
The moon is still tectonically active, according to new findings by a multi-institutional team of researchers