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Cupid's Cup 2015 | BE THERE
March 30

Kevin Plank '96, founder and CEO of Under Armour, is looking for the world's most passionate student entrepreneurs.

The Confucius Institute at UMD
February 23

Teaching without thinking is useless, but thinking without education is more dangerous.

- Confucius 

Outside Influence
February 23

A new entrepreneurship course in the Robert H. Smith School of Business sends students into the wild. 

100 Years of Service: Maryland Extension
February 23

Everyday on this campus, researchers, faculty and students create cutting-edge technologies and develop forward-thinking solutions to the world's problems. But what good is all that if it doesn't end up in the hands of the people need it most? That's where University of Maryland Extension comes in.. We recently celebrated out 100th anniversary, but the organization isn't focusing on past accomplishments. Rather, looking ahead to its next century of service. 

The New Cole Field House: Academics, Research and Athletics
February 23

This past fall, the University announced plans to reinvent Cole as a hub for innovation, athletics, academics and research. Once again Cole Field House will become one of the nations premiere collegiate facilities.

TerpVision 15
February 23

Join TerpVision student host Tiziano D'Affuso for UMD stories of impact and inspiration on campus, in College Park and around the world. There's always something good to watch on TerpVision.

Research, Innovation and Education in the Center for Automation Research
February 13

The Center for Automation Research (CfAR) is featured in a new video that highlights research and innovation in computer vision, perceptual interfaces, autonomous robotics and more.

The center is one of 16 centers and labs in the University of Maryland Institute for Advanced Computer Studies. It grew out of the pioneering efforts of Azriel Rosenfeld, who in 1964 established one of the world’s first computer vision labs at the University of Maryland.

Ramani Duraiswami (left), professor of computer science, and Dmitry Zotkin (center), an associate research scientist, work with a graduate student on new technology that combines light waves and sound waves in the form of a 3-D acoustic camera.


February 9

The UMD admissions team and Testudo surprise six high school students with in-person acceptance announcements. Welcome to the Terp family!

New Views of UMD
January 20

McKeldin Mall was named one of Business Insider’s most beautiful and iconic college quads in 2015, and new time-lapse and aerial footage shows the rest of the campus isn’t too shabby either.

TDPS PhD Program
December 22

Learn from students and faculty the benefits of studying with the School of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies